Easter Basket Sign-ups! 2021

A time for celebration has come! Easter is right around the corner! Sign up your children before MARCH 30th, 2021 for their Easter Baskets at the Race Track Rec-Hall! Parents will pick up the baskets on April 2nd, & 3rd at the Chaplain’s Office. God Bless!

Nutritious Blessings abound!

We thank God that nutritious blessings continue to abound here at the Race Track Chaplaincy of America! Fruitful harvests and distributions are bringing even more fresh fruit’s and veggies to the workers and their families. God continues to provide us with everything we need! “And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in […]

Children’s Back to School Backpack Sign-ups!

Though we are in uncertain times, the Chaplaincy plans to keep assisting the families here at Philadelphia Park. The Chaplaincy will have its annual Children’s Back to School Backpack Sign-ups! Sign up DEADLINE: August 15, 2020 Sign up at the Chaplain’s Office in the Backstretch Rec Hall. Parents will pick up their children’s backpacks after […]

PHS Harvest 2020!

We are proud to support PHS gardening Harvest 2020: a coalition of gardeners, neighbors and friends who will grow more food this harvest season for themselves and their community. Together, we are asking our communities to dig in and plant more food crops this season with extra to share. For more Information, please visit: https://phsonline.org/harvest2020/overview

The Chaplaincy is here to help.

Midst these historic hard times, The Race Track Chaplaincy is helping… More than ever, the Chaplaincy is getting canned goods, produce and meat to backstretch workers and their families. With the help of volunteers, we are continuing our mission of sharing God’s love at Philadelphia Park.